Preliminary Sketch of Mimbo 2.0

Last month, I released a magazine-style theme for WordPress called Mimbo. I’m excited to say that since then there have been over 500 downloads and at least 100 working Mimbo-enabled sites spotted around the web. I’m currently sketching some layout ideas for version 2.0 (click to enlarge):


Some key features for the upcoming version include:

    A widget-enabled sidebar
  • More column flexibility
  • Less restriction on image dimensions
  • Space for advertising
  • Navigation for flat pages
  • A more compact way to feature Archives

I’ll continue with sketches for another few weeks, then hopefully build the theme by November. Feedback has been indispensable so far, please keep it coming. I think compared to the old one, version 2.0 will suit the needs of a lot more people.

  • http://www.bumikonsep/com/getreal forrestRain

    This is very good. The demo looks too real i’ve actually clicked on it.

  • Arpit Jacob

    Actually I replied to the other post by mistake I had meant it for this post. I have a rough Mockup of my design but mine is more focused on content since its for a blog. Yours is for a magazine hence the support for images. I am tired of seeing the same layout on every other blog. I predict the next year almost all blog will follow some sort of magazine layout.

  • yanis

    Great to see Mimbo progress. Even though I’m super happy with the current release I can’t wait to try your next version.
    keep it up

  • milo

    While the first one was/is a huge impact and pretty good theme, this one looks even better, Kudos Darren. Any new codes within?

  • roj

    Can’t wait for the updated version… When will you be releasing it?

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  • Jamie

    wow. so cool. i have downloaded the earlier release for use on my site. can’t wait for version 2.0!

  • Valérie

    Can’t wait for the updated version?
    When will you be releasing it?

  • Nomar

    I’ve been thinking of starting a new blog with WP (since I’m on Blogger) now and I’ve been looking for months for a theme that was more of what I was looking for. Today I stumbled across mimbo and fell in love with the wonderful simplicity of your design.

    I came back to dig around your blog some more and to e-mail you some questions which I see you’re already working on for the next version. I was about to DL you theme when I saw the sketch for the next version and now I’m going to wait until you release M2. But if I can make one suggestion that may seem trivial but to me was a big selling point in M1: Don’t go with the bars(lines) that sandwich the text (titles?) in the sidebar. I liked the background color block you used in M1 since it didn’t distract the eye like the bars do in M2. Also the thin bar across the bottom of M1 is better than the heavier bar in M2.

    I know these things don’t really matter that much but the theme looked lighter in M1 with less bars and lines running across it.

    Keep up the good work. I’ll be waiting (impatiently) for the next release. :)

  • Darren

    Keep in mind, Mimbo contains no images – all presentation is handled by the CSS. So, changing the header styling from lines to background colors is a very simple edit, and when the time comes I urge people to get creative with it. Mimbo was only ever meant to be a skeleton, not so much a true ‘design’.

    If you’re wondering, the lines and dashes were inspired by some of my favorite magazine-layouts like Variety, Stock Temple and

  • Matthew Clapp

    Can’t wait. This is an excellent theme. If you could add more configuration options in the admin, I think this would be even more popular than it already is.

  • G

    this is great news.
    cant wait.

  • David Tames

    This is an excellent theme and I suspect 2.0 will become a popular foundation to base other themes on, and the idea of starting with a minimalist, highly functional skeleton is appealing. For simple magazines, this might show how WordPress can be a very effective and minimalist alternative to more complex tools like Drupal, which of course is more powerful, but the simplicty of WordPress for simple sites is an attractive feature, not a limitation.

  • Jim Edwards

    Love Mimbo 1. We started implementing it two months ago for our church newsletter. 2.0 looks great, but I must admit, and I’m only speaking from how we use it. Not having the main article hit you in the face with alot of text on the home page would be a real limitation for us. Obviously our main article is a letter from our Head Pastor which is definitely the most read and wanted article. The other articles are used to inform and draw our congregation into service. I’d be interested to see a mock up with more text from the main article.

    Just a thought, I realize we may not be using it in a conventional way.

    Great work. an amazing template that really hit EXACTLY what I was looking for.

  • Kimmono

    I cant wait for this one to come out! :)

    Any chance you can add a email list so that I will be notified when it is ready for release?

  • MIkael Jaeger Jensen


    As a graphic designer/magazine designer i am really exited by this new interest in magazine styles for word press. Its something i have been thinking about a lot but my own lack of coding skills have made it difficult to get any where so i love your creation. I am my self in search of something more “magazine” like For me a lot of the word press magazine style themes are more like a News paper style (front page is txt heavy).

    If you pick up a magazine (life style or other wiser) what dominates is the images and catchy headlines (Check out esquire magazine) I wish that this could be transfered to word press. And a way to make articles appear on the front with a large header image and when a new post is added it takes the old onces place and pushes the old one down the page and displays a smaller image. ok im ranting :)

    I think you are doing a great job and i cant wait to have a look at the next version of the theme!


  • ANte

    nice template, but can you tell me how to insert the big picture on the frontpage? Don’t know where in the post I should insert it.

  • Corinne

    How do I add a Lead Story?

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    Now I’ve been implemeting ths on my on and the results make me happy!!
    Your job is really really good, thanks!!!

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