Mimbo 2.0 is in Development

If you’re not familiar with the Mimbo magazine theme for WordPress, get the details here, but please note that the demo site for Mimbo 1.0 is down due to database issues.

But there’s good news – this weekend I began building out Mimbo 2.0 which can be viewed here, still in progress»


It’s now widget-enabled, more RSS-friendly, the CSS is lighter, and it no longer requires a separate homepage template – it just uses index.php. Installation should be easier overall.

The list of improvements is longer than that and I will provide more info later this week when the theme is ready to launch. If you have questions or feedback on the functionality, feel free to leave a comment below.

  • Cao

    Great theme! Just can’t wait!
    Can you email me once you finish?

  • http://www.artistasdelgenero.com Ivan

    This is the exactly the kind of theme I been looking for. I been working with the Hemingway theme and have gotten it to a place where I’m comfortable with but visitors are not interacting well with the site. They rarely read any other article other than the two main ones on top. Also the theme breaks in IE6. I can’t wait for this theme. I a big fan of black, so I’m kind of picturing how would it look that way. This is a really nice looking theme.

  • http://www.artistasdelgenero.com Ivan

    just a quick suggestion, on the archive pages it be great if each post had an image.

  • Aditya

    Hi Darren, the theme looks pretty sweet so far. I hope this theme will be widget ready. I hope the theme turns out well, and for that I offer my best wishes to you. Hope to get an update from you about this soon.

  • http://www.xyndicate.org Jude

    This theme looks superb, Darren! Thanks for the awe-inspiring work you’ve done, and keep it up. Look forward to seeing Mimbo 2.0 in action.

  • http://electrophon.net G

    Mimbo 2.0 looks great. Cant wait!

  • http://gislisnaer.com gse

    Looking good Darren. Great work. Gonna be hard to have to wait anymore… Oh well, good things come to those who wait…

  • amy

    Yes, this is fantastic. Let me know when done and ready???

  • http://www.phasetwo.wordpress.com yanis

    Wow, Mimbo is realy “magazine-ish” already. :)
    I’m of course using V.1 and it fits my purposes quite well. (link: http://www.schamlos.eu is an electro-party site under construction)
    Quick question: Are you still pulling the images/thumbnails via the custom fields?
    I’m just asking because I find this solution quite practical in the end.
    Keep up the great work!

  • http://www.designbliss.com Brian Pate

    Wow! I was intrigued by the first version but seeing this new one I am seriously thinking about switching over my design blog to Mimbo 2 when it is ready. Thanks!

  • http://gorillasguides.com/ Dubhaltach

    Looks very interesting and more in line with what we need. Will it be text only?

  • http://www.hoodgrownonline.com Hoodgrown_Magazine

    COme on man!!! Lol. I check this site every day now to see when Mimbo 2 is going to be ready….. I’m changing my site the minute it is……..

  • http://blog.clearskys.net/ Barry

    Looks fantastic. I was just about to start a site based on the Original Mimbo theme, but I might just hold off for a little while now.
    Looking forward to having a play with it.

  • Darren

    Thanks for the feedback guys. If you’re looking for updates, subscribe here and check in later this week. I’ve got a few more tweaks and would like to launch it before the weekend.

    on the archive pages it be great if each post had an image.

    That would be cool if every post in every category had an image, but might look funny if one didn’t. I will keep it in mind for next time.

    Are you still pulling the images/thumbnails via the custom fields?

    Yep, same idea.

  • http://www.majarikanayakan.com Michael Jubel

    Mimbo v1.1 is awesome. Check it out on my site http://www.majarikanayakan.com

    Anyway, why getting rid of the author and biography box in each post? it’s wonderful anyway. i hope it is still available in Mimbo v2. And i guess there is something wrong with the bullets and numbering. It works well in Mozilla but not in Internet Explorer. The bullets and numbering (in Mimbo v1.1) don’t show up. There’s maybe something about the “div” padding in the css. Maybe IE don’t support that kind of bullet positioning?

    And something about “the date”.. i think it should be better if we can customize how the date shows up (eg. Oct 07; 13 Oct 07; Oct 13, 07; etc.) by changing the time and date settings in the WP dashboard. Mimbo V1.1 is using a “formatted date” in the templates (the php files). :D

  • steve

    Mimbo is looking terrific. Good luck and looking forward to seeing the 2.0 release.

    One comment on your early example above. Currently there is no link to the Home Page in the top Nav bar when clicking to the other pages (apart from clicking on the title of the Blog). I think that could confuse users.

    Again good luck with this,


  • Darren

    Good suggestion, Steve, I added a Home button for redundancy’s sake.

    @Michael: Your site looks great! You can always customize the time/date by opening the single.php template in an editor (or in the dashboard with Manage->Files) and changing the php formatting as you like.

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  • http://www.eksena.net HariSkwatir

    Man, im so excited for Mimbo 2.0, im so gonna use it for our music zine site. Btw, is it pretty easy to change the header title to a graphical/image header?

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  • http://www.snap-va.com/blog Karri

    Anyone know why I might be getting 2 ‘home’ buttons in my main navbar? Fabulous theme btw … have had very little trouble customizing and I’m not a programmer!

  • markitaw27

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