Mimbo 2.0 is Available for Download

New Features and Improvements

Read more and grab the files here! If you’re already familiar with v1.1, you will enjoy the new features:

  • Image paths are now relative to the theme (ex: wp-content/themes/mimbo2/images/) instead of the root
  • The homepage now uses “index.php” as a template; previously it used the custom template “homepage.php”; any extra configuration is no longer necessary
  • A navbar is included for content pages
  • The sidebar is now widget-enabled
  • A third column has been added to the layout
  • A print-CSS document has been included
  • A PSD file of the original layout has been included; it features guides and layer groups which match the css class-names
  • Explicit commenting has been added to some templates
  • Optional tags for Microformats are included in the footer
  • Dynamic copyright/date info is included in the footer
  • An RSS icon is included in the /images/ folder
  • All sample images are included in the /images/ folder
  • The CSS is lighter and more concise overall

This project has directly benefited from the feedback of other developers out there – big thanks especially to Bryan Pearson, Chris Makarsky and Tyler Gore.

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  • http://www.dnzoom.com Eric

    Excellent work! I know lots of people have been anticipating version 2.0 of this theme. Good to see it available. :)

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  • will

    Another example of the good side of the web. Thanks for making this high quality and innovative theme available for free.

  • will

    OK – still tweaking but here’s my personal blog using MIMBO 2.0


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  • http://www.fran6art.com Francis

    Thanks Darren ! I will test and review it on my blog next week for my french readers. Continue the good work ! What’s next now ?? ;-)

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  • http://www.ofimdavarzea.com j. noronha

    Thanks a lot! It’s the first time I keep an eye on a release announcement. My
    current theme has some issues I just can’t solve and it seems this will do.

  • http://www.majarikanayakan.com Michael Jubel

    well.. quite complicated for them who are not using wordpress 2.3… i’m still using wordpress 2.2.2 and i’m confused with the php error messages.. :(

  • http://www.majarikanayakan.com Michael Jubel

    something about “tags” that are not supported in wordpress 2.2.2

  • http://www.majarikanayakan.com Michael Jubel

    by the way, i’ve applied this new theme on my site.. check it out http://www.majarikanayakan.com.

    and can somebody help me how to modify the CSS to get a normal-positioning of numbered list? i want the numbered list to be indented inside the paragraph..

    thx a lot!!


  • Darren

    Guys: I amended the download page to say that Mimbo works best with the latest version of WP, currently 2.3.

    Michael: If you’re not seeing numbers in your comment list, it’s because the CSS contains this rule:

    .commentlist li {
    list-style: none;

    If you remove it, the numbers will display, and then you can adjust the padding and margins however you want.

  • Aditya

    Thanks a lot for this release Darren. Can’t wait to try this out. Looks simply marvelous. Cheers!

  • grooves1200

    i’m a total newbie and just installed your theme. i’m getting a couple of error messages that i don’t understand, but i’m sure you or some other reader will recognize right away. when i click on any category, i get the following error message:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: is_tag() in /home/grooves/public_html/version3/wp-content/themes/mimbo2/archive.php on line 4

    on my posts, i get this error message at the bottom:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: the_tags() in /home/grooves/public_html/version3/wp-content/themes/mimbo2/single.php on line 19

    i’m sure you know what i’m doing wrong–can you help? also, how do you add categories to the top nav beyond “about” and “home”?


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  • Darren

    “Call to undefined function: is_tag() in”

    Versions of WP prior to 2.3 did not support tags. Mimbo 2.0 was built for version 2.3. Long story short, anyone having this problem should be able to solve it simply by upgrading.

    See also from the installation page:

    “The latest version of Mimbo is most compatible with the latest version of WordPress, currently v2.3″

  • http://www.carlobezoari.com Carlo

    Thanks Darren – awesome design which was relatively simple to set up using your excellent instructions. I haven’t got wordpress 2.3 so I’ve had to remove search options (for the moment), but everything else seems to be working really well. Here’s my site:


  • http://blog.patounemedia.net Patrick

    Theme fantastic … How have the same font size for titles “Widget ad on” than those of native Mimbo and the same graphics card?

  • will

    To rephrase Patrick”s question:

    How do you get the same formatting for sidebar widgets as the Mimbo sidebar items?

  • http://blog.patounemedia.net patrick

    Exactly Said. Excuse my English

  • Darren

    Patrick, open your CSS and change this:

    #sidebar h3 {
    border-top:5px solid #BBB;
    border-bottom:1px solid #BBB;
    padding:6px 0 6px 2px;
    margin:22px 0 15px 0;

    To this:

    #sidebar h3, h2.widgettitle {
    border-top:5px solid #BBB;
    border-bottom:1px solid #BBB;
    padding:6px 0 6px 2px;
    margin:22px 0 15px 0;

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  • http://demstudio.com.ar dem

    really like it!… That’s the thing :)

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  • http://www.hoodgrownonline.com Hoodgrown_Magazine

    Great theme. Thanks for all of the help getting it up and running. I’ve finished most of the customizing…. but definitely add me to the list of sites running Mimbo 2.


  • http://thesocalledme.net Jenny

    Nifty, I’ll have to check it out. :)

  • http://blog.patounemedia.net patrick

    Thanks Daren. It’s ok but i have always title widget with big format.
    look http://blog.patounemedia.net (section Meta)

  • will

    Salut Patrick,

    try adding

    font-size: 1em;

    to the css below in the style.css file

    #sidebar h3, h2.widgettitle {
    border-top:5px solid #BBB;
    border-bottom:1px solid #BBB;
    padding:6px 0 6px 2px;
    margin:22px 0 15px 0;

    worked for me

  • http://www.prospere-magazine.com Cynthia

    Hi Darren!

    How do you add additional graphics to the header? Also, can you change the font and its colors? I tried to make changes in header and image colors but nothing worked (I changed the side colors by using a site editing program.)


  • http://www.hoodgrownonline.com Hoodgrown_Magazine

    Cynthia ,
    I added graphics to the header by editing the header.php file… It does require knowing a little html.

    The fonts can be changed in the style.css file….

    you can edit both of these files directly through the wordpress admin

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  • http://befitandstrong.com Curtis Penner

    First off, let me say this theme is just what I was looking for. So thank you.

    I’m attempting to replace the blog name tag with a background image of my site’s logo. I’m having trouble getting the blog description to sit down underneath the image and line up with the search box.

    Any advice?

    Again, fantastic theme. Thanks for your hard work.


  • http://www.zansal.com James

    Without a doubt Mimbo is the best wordpress theme of all tile. RESPECT!

    I’ll give you my link once i have it installed, downloading now…

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  • Darren

    @Curtis: I’ve updated the documentation to explain more about how to customize the logo.

  • http://kino-eye.com David Tames

    I really like what you’ve done with version 2.0 of mimbo, it’s very streamlined and clean, and offers a really starting-point for developing more magazine-like layouts using WordPress, bravo!

    The only thing I did not like is how child pages got displayed on the menu, so I have one enhancement to suggest, the menu-bar at the top of the page should support hierarchical menus, so child pages appear as a sub-menu. One way to implement this is following the approach outlined in “CSS Express Drop-Down Menus” at http://www.projectseven.com/tutorials/navigation/auto_hide/index.htm (using this approach I was able to add automatic hierarchical menus to mimbo2 in five minutes.

    Of course, this starts us down the slippery slope, since if we do this we might want to exclude some pages from the menus, etc., but it still might be a nice enhancement.

  • Darren

    Good points, David, and funny timing – James from Cycling Challenge just implemented flyout menus on his own Mimbo site and they look great. Poke around the CC site a bit, there are a few of features he’s added (contextual sidebars) that will probably make it into the next Mimbo release. Keep the suggestions coming.

  • http://kino-eye.com David Tames

    Darren, here’s my mimbo 2 “testing” site which includes CSS drop-down menus:


    using the techniques described in


  • http://kino-eye.com David Tames

    Tiny fix suggestion: The call to wp_list_authors() in the sidebar should not assume the URL path is wp-content… and should get site info to determine the ROOT of the URL.

  • http://www.haveyoumettony.com tony

    Great theme, Darren!

    I’ve poked at it a bit with a few projects I have going on, but I can’t wait to have the time/energy to really dig around a little more.
    Thank you!!

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  • http://www.cycling-challenge.com Will

    @29 Its Will not James :)

    Anyway, Darren deserves all the KUDOs he is receiving for this innovative, feature rich, AND great looking theme.

    I look forward to MIMBO 3.0. IDEAS:

    On my personal blog http://www.cycling-challenge.com I have implemented the following additions that I think help complement the “magazine” concept in his fantastic theme.

    1. Simple but Customized Category Templates – Helps complement a “sections” concept

    2. Simple but customized sidebars for each Category.

    3. A Fly out menu as discussed above. Helps direct users to each Category

    4. Changed Category headings on front Page too links.

    Latest addition:

    5. Modified the front page template so that each area (Lead, featured, Category) use DIFFERENT custom tags for images. this allows two things

    a) You can use the same post in two parts of the front page (see my Tour de France article as an example (note it not only uses different size images but different images)

    b) Once configured You can transition more easily articles from Lead to Featured or whatever

    It is a one minute exercise to make this code change. Just modify the name of each custom tag in Index.php for the Lead, Featured and Category areas.

    6. Added “Go to Next article” link at end of posts (works poorly when article is in more than one category)

    7. Added gravatar functionality tocomments (it goes well with Mimbo’s’s nice comment styling.

    Other ideas:

    1. I’d love to see some better sort of Issue functionality. Like a different front page for different months with back months. Maybe customizing a page for each month and throwing in a drop down menu??

    2. Currently my tailored category/sidebar templates only appear when category links are selected (not when particular articles are selected.

    3. It’d be great of someone created plug-ins to simplify the process for separate sidebar and category templates so people didn’t have to dive into the code.

    Anyway, sorry for the long ramble but this theme is terrific …


  • http://www.eksena.net HariSkwatir

    Hi Darren,

    Used this theme(and slightly modified it) on my site – http://www.eksena.net

  • Darren

    @Will – dammit! I’d just read James’ comment above when I wrote that. Sorry man ;)

    About half of Will’s suggestions are going into Mimbo 2.1, due out this weekend I hope. Keep the great feedback coming.

    Re: gravatars, sounds like they’ll be included in the core templates soon enough, but I could always include gravatar code in the meantime.

  • http://tricvoice.freehostia.com/ kingisdy

    i am looking forward to version 2.1. Right now I am using the basic K2 theme. But I will change that to mimbo because it is very customizable. keep up the good work. This is an excellent theme. One the best out there.

  • http://www.haveyoumettony.com tony

    Did you do the fly-out menus yourself, or is it code from somewhere. I’ve tried and tried and tried to work with the Suckerfish (and son) dropdowns, but they always end up giving me major headaches on IE. Yours are simple and sharp.

    That’s some mighty fine modifying, if I do say so myself. The only thing that jumps out as quirky to me is that background image that cuts off at the bottom of the page. Otherwise, nice work!

    And Darren.. thanks again. And again. :)

  • http://www.cycling-challenge.com Will


    I used the link below to make my menus – I then excluded the images and played around with the CSS until I saw something I liked. I think the link in comment 30 would work well also.

    I cut and paste the code into the header.php file and commented out the existing mimbo navbar. Then added the CSS into the style.php file.


  • male bimbo

    I was wondering how to you get the child pages to display content from specific categories. I saw it implemented on hoodgrownonline.com. Is there some code that needs to be added or is it a plugin?. Can somebody clarify that up a little bit please. Thank you

  • http://donalyza.com donalyza

    This is a great theme, very similar to revolution theme magazine of brian gardner, much better because its FREE… Thank you for sharing this..

    I’m looking forward to your Mambo 2.1 version. I hope you can still add this to your upcoming version.

    1. searchform in the navbar, like how Will did in his site.
    2. replace the searchform to 468×60 banner for advertisement.
    3. Separation of Trackbacks and Pingbacks.

    • http://seekingequanimity.com rob

      Hi all… I’m relatively new to Mimbo and CSS/PHP for that matter.

      Anyway, I’m developing a site for my church and was wondering if anyone could let me know (and show me how) if there is a way to add layered sub menus to the nav bar.

      Not sure if I’m using the right term in “layered sub menu”. I’d like for my child pages to have child pages that show their own drop down menu. i.e. the menu would have an “About” link. That would drop down to show, let’s say five sub menu links, one of them being music. Then the music link would have three sub menus of it’s own.

      Can it be done?

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  • http://www.videoreup.com REUP

    great stuff, ty Darren

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  • http://www.lehammurabi.com Raphael Sisa

    Beautiful layout man. Yofi!

  • http://mr-bark.com florian lavoux

    je suis très admiratikve de l’esprit critique que vousndémontrez ;)

  • http://semuaorank.com GeorgeCooley

    I love Mimbo. I want to make another blog using mimbo2.0 but the wordpress already updated to WP2.5. So, I cannot use mimbo anymore ‘cos new WP didn’t come with CatID. Is there any solution about this?

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  • http://www.vigrxplusproduct.com Sam

    i really liked reading this blog… im definately coming back for more!

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  • http://mchiche.com Mr.Mix

    Love it thanks

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  • Farhad A

    Hi folks, I love this template, but it is a pain when it is not working. I am having problem with the images on the front page of my wife’s blog http://www.whileabroad.com/adoption I have done everything other people said will help, even started a whole new CLEAN installation and it is still not working. I am using WP 3.6.1 and the latest version of the template. Really appreciate your help.

  • Danno

    Mimbo Theme issue:

    PHP Deprecated: Function split() is deprecated

    File: functions.php
    Line: 408

    How do you fix this?

  • pohiikul23

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  • Akib Zaved Babu

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    your article is as astounding. The clearness in your publish is simply great
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