Mimbo 2.0 is Available for Download

New Features and Improvements

Read more and grab the files here! If you’re already familiar with v1.1, you will enjoy the new features:

  • Image paths are now relative to the theme (ex: wp-content/themes/mimbo2/images/) instead of the root
  • The homepage now uses “index.php” as a template; previously it used the custom template “homepage.php”; any extra configuration is no longer necessary
  • A navbar is included for content pages
  • The sidebar is now widget-enabled
  • A third column has been added to the layout
  • A print-CSS document has been included
  • A PSD file of the original layout has been included; it features guides and layer groups which match the css class-names
  • Explicit commenting has been added to some templates
  • Optional tags for Microformats are included in the footer
  • Dynamic copyright/date info is included in the footer
  • An RSS icon is included in the /images/ folder
  • All sample images are included in the /images/ folder
  • The CSS is lighter and more concise overall

This project has directly benefited from the feedback of other developers out there – big thanks especially to Bryan Pearson, Chris Makarsky and Tyler Gore.