Mimbo 2.1 is Available for Download

New Features and Improvements

It’s with a near-crippling hangover (too many VaFilm festivities last night) that I announce the release of Mimbo v2.1. If you’re already familiar with v2.0, you will enjoy the new features:

  • Dropdown menus are now included for subpages in the top navigation
  • The category header “News” is now dynamic
  • Category titles on the homepage (“Gadgets”, “Music”) now link to their archives pages
  • Widget headers in the sidebar are now styled like the other headers
  • Formatting has been added to certain elements inside the post: blockquote, unordered list, ordered list. Also, two new CSS classes have been included for inserting images within posts: “picleft” and “picright”
  • Single pages now have a Category link next to the date info
  • The <body> tag now uses an ID of “home” if you’re on the homepage:
    <body<?php if ( is_home() ) { ?> id="home"<?php } ?>>
  • Padding and list-item issues in the Comments section have been corrected
  • Image-path info for the RSS icon has been corrected
  • Category and Subcategory menus in the sidebar have been styled
  • Archives pages have been styled
  • To make things easy to find, all top navbar and subnav styling is in its own separate document, “nav.css”
  • Min-height added to the <body> to fix scrollbar problem in Firefox and Safari
  • I’ve removed my name from the footer and simply linked to the Mimbo download page; seems less obtrusive that way

This project continues to benefit from the feedback of other developers out there — for this last version, big thanks to Will “James” Davies (Cycle-Challenge), David Tamés (Kino-Eye) and Chris Makarsky (Cmak).

Also thanks to various blogs who’ve featured Mimbo: Weblog Tools Collection, Theme Playground, CSS Juice, Clazh, WP Theme Gallery and Fadtastic.

If you are enjoying Mimbo, please spread the word and share the links!