Mimbo 2.1 is Available for Download

New Features and Improvements

It’s with a near-crippling hangover (too many VaFilm festivities last night) that I announce the release of Mimbo v2.1. If you’re already familiar with v2.0, you will enjoy the new features:

  • Dropdown menus are now included for subpages in the top navigation
  • The category header “News” is now dynamic
  • Category titles on the homepage (“Gadgets”, “Music”) now link to their archives pages
  • Widget headers in the sidebar are now styled like the other headers
  • Formatting has been added to certain elements inside the post: blockquote, unordered list, ordered list. Also, two new CSS classes have been included for inserting images within posts: “picleft” and “picright”
  • Single pages now have a Category link next to the date info
  • The <body> tag now uses an ID of “home” if you’re on the homepage:
    <body<?php if ( is_home() ) { ?> id="home"<?php } ?>>
  • Padding and list-item issues in the Comments section have been corrected
  • Image-path info for the RSS icon has been corrected
  • Category and Subcategory menus in the sidebar have been styled
  • Archives pages have been styled
  • To make things easy to find, all top navbar and subnav styling is in its own separate document, “nav.css”
  • Min-height added to the <body> to fix scrollbar problem in Firefox and Safari
  • I’ve removed my name from the footer and simply linked to the Mimbo download page; seems less obtrusive that way

This project continues to benefit from the feedback of other developers out there — for this last version, big thanks to Will “James” Davies (Cycle-Challenge), David Tamés (Kino-Eye) and Chris Makarsky (Cmak).

Also thanks to various blogs who’ve featured Mimbo: Weblog Tools Collection, Theme Playground, CSS Juice, Clazh, WP Theme Gallery and Fadtastic.

If you are enjoying Mimbo, please spread the word and share the links!

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  • http://donalyza.com donalyza

    Wow… I just finished downloading your new version of Mimbo. I’m currently uploading it in my other website. http://www.nugrind.com

    I cant wait to tweak it. :) Thanks you!

  • http://www.cycling-challenge.com Will “James” Davies

    Mimbo keeps getting better – well done and thanks for continued support.

  • http://www.jokka.net Joakim

    You’re GREAT! Thanks alot for the theme :)
    I’m trying it out on http://www.jokka.net/wp now, but I’m gonna modify it a little so it fits my wishes.. I will maybe keep you an update on my site :)

    And again, thanks alot for all you do!

  • http://www.clazh.com Arpit Jacob

    your are welcome its a great theme. Especially if people are looking for a magazine framework to start with.

  • http://www.jokka.net Joakim

    Ey.. Is it something wrong with the menus? http://www.jokka.net/wp
    They comes in a bullet list ?

  • Darren

    Guys: if you experience problems, please see this post and try downloading again. Sorry for the confusion.

  • http://bizzmatters.com Mike

    First, thanks for the best theme ever in my opinion.

    Second, I have downloaded the 2.1 not sure how to upgrade with out changing all the custom work on the 2.0 theme.

    Any help would be great..


  • Darren

    @Mike: I think for certain users it will depend on the degree of customization they’ve already done, versus the new enhancements. Some may want the new dropdown menus, but have no need for other additions. In that case, it will require some bit of copying and pasting. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict how users will customize their site, so it is difficult to figure that into new versions of Mimbo — but, I will still try to find ways to make this transition smoother in the future. In the meantime, I also plan on setting up a forum for people who want to trade tips and advice on implementing Mimbo into their sites.

  • http://bizzmatters.com Mike

    Thanks for the quick response. I know there is no easy way to do this so I will just get in the files and have fun. :)

    Looking forward to the forum.



  • http://www.fullspirit.com Daniel

    Darren, you are my new hero of webdesign. I’ve been all over your portfolio and adore your work and eye. I’ve been doing webdesign for years now (portfolio at: http://www.meritica.com) and currently feel like Luke meeting Yoda!

    Anyways, I’ve adapted a mimbo2.0 for a rework of my self help / self improvement website at http://www.Fullspirit.com, and it is coming out very nicely. But I’m a bit out of my league hacking your code.

    Here’s my questions / problems:
    1. I’m optimizing the sidebar for a post length of 700-1200 words, okay, no problem. But, with only one sidebar built-in, the index page then looks lopsided. I tried to add a second sidebar stylesheet, and edit just the index page but alas, I was unable to do it.

    2. Also, trying to edit the look of body of posts only, but everytime I find the right tag to edit, it seems to affect more then the post bodies…

    3. Internal pages, not post pages – is it possible to have a duplicate index template for custom internal pages?

    Anyways, thanks for all the great work!

  • http://www.hoodgrownonline.com Hoodgrown_Magazine

    Wow,., leave for a few days and next thing you know there’s a new version of Mimbo… lol

  • http://www.majarikanayakan.com Majai Kanayakan

    Hi Darren! Your Mimbo theme is such an inspiration. Anyway we’ve been using it in out online magazine Majari Kanayakan: No.1 Magazine for Indonesian Chemical Engineering Students. We’ve added so many modifications to you theme. These are some of them:
    – Feature Video Section
    – Author Profile Section (click the author name and it will link to the profile page)
    – Article Top Banner in every page (We added a big image in every articles so the whole thing will become more magazine-ish)
    – Author highlighted comments. (Every comments that is written by the author will be highlighted – anyway we have several authors in our magazine)
    – backgrounds and hover effect in the featured articles and lead story column.
    – a nice and highlighted ‘about us’ section in the front-page
    – etc etc etc..

    anyway, check it out http://www.majarikanayakan.com

    Majari Kanayakan

  • http://thenotebookworld.com Bingham

    OK, when I uploaded 2.1 onto my wp-content/themes/ folder and then selected it in wp-admin as my theme, all that showed up is my basic text on my site…no CSS…no images…no color at all….wth?!

  • http://www.thenotebookworld.com Bingham

    Sorry for the last post, my server enables me to upload zip files and then extract in the server, and all (most) of the files were set at 600 for permission…so I am changing to the correct 755 and so far is working fine, thanks!

  • http://www.rajdash.com/ raj

    Darren, this is a gorgeous theme. Thanks for all the hard work and the fact that you’ve released it free. I’ve been tweaking my installs to add Asides and other bits. Just wondering, though, why the Category archives don’t work. If I click on a category link, I just see the homepage, but with the category URL. (I tweaked my Permalinks to be ‘friendly’. So I have /category/category1 instead of /?cat=1)

  • http://www.durgle.com FaceBook Application

    Having some problems getting images to show up on the front page alongside posts. Anyone able to offer help on this?

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  • http://www.bamboo-hardwoods.com Anita Mckenzie


    For of repeating what everyone else has already posted…I also want to congradulate you on this awesome WP Theme. I have been using wp for a while and have been graciously awaiting a theme as great as this.

    Here is my question, I possess very basic html editing skills for the most part am able to accomplish most of what I need to do; however my question to you i….I have been trying to remove the hard coded “HOME” tab from the navigation.

    header.php of the theme.
    I use the frontpage/postspage feature from Options > Reading AND I understand the theme already has a hard coded “home” link in the menu – so I end up with 2 Home links.

    I am not sure where to find and Remove the hard coded link.

    When I look through the Header.php I have tried to remove the code where I beleived this to be, however no success.

    Please help me.

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  • http://www.leeph.net Noel Lee

    I need help! please check my site http://www.leeph.net... How can I remove or fix the NO CATEGORIES with 3 horizontal lines below. Also, on upper right, theres an error on cnn-news, i installed, how can I fix that. Hope you guys could help me, Thanks!

  • http://Testingonlocalhost John Coones


    I’m fairly new to WordPress but I downloaded Mimbo2.1 and I an testing things out on my localhost before setting up live on my site. The theme is great for what I am trying to do however, I have a similar problem as one of the above users.

    I have added 3 categories and have made sample posts to each of them. The categories are showing up as they should on the right sidebar. In the center column it displays one of the posts along with the category that the post is in, which is fine. In the left column it is displaying “NO CATEGORIES”. I have checked all over the web to see if there is a way to get rid of this but I can see nothing that will work for me. I don’t know if this is something in WordPress or in the Mimbo2.1 theme. Could you possibly guide me as to how I can get rid of the “NO CATEGORIES” display? I really appreciate any help that you can offer. By the way, I am running WordPress version 3.0.1.


  • http://www.miamiacs.com/ miami auto repair

    I’ve been working with this since the previous version and I must say, this is great to work on it, but I need to find how to edit the appereance of the posts
    Could you tell me how?

  • Akib Zaved Babu

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    information. It will be supportive to anyone who utilizes it, including
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