Mimbo News from All Over


Since its release in August, the numbers for Mimbo have been shaping up:

  • Just over 6500 total downloads
  • Bandwidth for darrenhoyt.com is up to 15GB/month
  • Technorati ranking has tripled due to backlinks
  • I’ve begun stumbling across Mimbo-themed sites by accident

Re: the effect of themes on Technorati rank, a Swedish blogger named Andreas Viklund found himself ranked #1 at Technorati back in June due to the success of his free templates. He noted something else I agree with: Technorati ranking, in practice, falls somewhere between “mostly useless” and “entirely inconsistent”. But all the same, I’m interested in seeing the effects a theme can have.

Internationally, the top downloads for Mimbo have come from:

  • Italy
  • France
  • India
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
Forum progress

Over in the forum, I’ve added a category called “Show Off Your Work” so feel free to post links. Forum activity is picking up and some valuable issues have been solved.

More Customizations

Speaking of showing off your work, here’s what some folks have done with Mimbo lately: