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Since its release in August, the numbers for Mimbo have been shaping up:

  • Just over 6500 total downloads
  • Bandwidth for darrenhoyt.com is up to 15GB/month
  • Technorati ranking has tripled due to backlinks
  • I’ve begun stumbling across Mimbo-themed sites by accident

Re: the effect of themes on Technorati rank, a Swedish blogger named Andreas Viklund found himself ranked #1 at Technorati back in June due to the success of his free templates. He noted something else I agree with: Technorati ranking, in practice, falls somewhere between “mostly useless” and “entirely inconsistent”. But all the same, I’m interested in seeing the effects a theme can have.

Internationally, the top downloads for Mimbo have come from:

  • Italy
  • France
  • India
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
Forum progress

Over in the forum, I’ve added a category called “Show Off Your Work” so feel free to post links. Forum activity is picking up and some valuable issues have been solved.

More Customizations

Speaking of showing off your work, here’s what some folks have done with Mimbo lately:

  • http://www.cycling-challenge.com will

    Very well done

    To some degree Mimbo is as much a framework as a theme.

    Unlike many themes, I think it’s success is more due to offering functionality than looks. And there is still lots of demand for more functionality.

  • http://blog.epicedits.com/ Brian Auer

    Wow, that’s awesome! Lots of great ideas for customization in those examples you’ve shown. This theme lends itself to being customized because it’s so well structured and well written.

    I’m no theme designer, but I managed to make quite a few tweaks and customizations in both the design and functionality of the theme. Turning the post templates into a 3-column layout while maintaining the 2-column layout on the home page was one of the bigger tweaks I did, but there were a ton of other subtle things that I was able to do that really made me happy about using the theme. I’ve had nothing but positive feedback from my readers regarding the new look of my site.

    Thanks for your hard work and continued support on this great theme.

  • Darren

    Nice work on those columns, Brian!

  • http://www.endlosrekursion.de soeren onez

    You theme is really great and it is a pleasure to work with. I will use it for some other pages, because it gives me the perfect background to design pages and blogs not looking like a blog but having its interaktivity. Thanks a lot for this theme, even if i customized nearly everything, without this basic i would need tons of hours and would maybe give up.

  • http://www.lila.info Daniel Mirante

    Your excellent theme was ideal for the re-design of http://www.lila.info. I really appreciate mimbo and am getting to grips with wordpress through it. Thankyou….

  • http://uscommonsense.net/blog Common Sense

    I agree with Will. Mimbo does offer a lot of flexibility and simplicity. While I still have some additions to make to my layout, the current style fits my need and looks “professional.” Thank you Darren for all your hard work.

    Speaking of designs, I enjoy all the customizations that others have done with the Mimbo theme. You folks have some wonderful tallent!

  • http://www.nathanrice.net/ Nathan Rice

    Mimbo is a classic. I can’t believe you released it for free :-)

    But there are tons of people who are probably glad you did!


    PS – how about a subscribe to comments here? I’d like a good way to keep up with followup comments.

  • http://www.hoodgrownonline.com Hoodgrown_Magazine

    Wow,.,,, I’m loving a lot of these customizations. Brian Auer, love what you did with the columns. I’m going to have to follow suit.

  • http://www.nmimsieee.com Aditya (aka laem)

    Wow, some of these sites are.. really really well done! I must say I really like the way Online Business Magazine, Zuitt Mag, Dollar Bin and Lila look. Truly remarkable customizations.

    It has been an absolute pleasure interacting with people in the forums.

    Thank you for this wonderful theme yet again! :)

  • http://silomjournal.com ket

    @Brian, …Wow!

    I love your achieve form. How did you do that.

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  • http://www.adicie.com/ Laurent


    I recently installed Mimbo, and I’m almost there as far as features customisation goes, but I still need to work on design.

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  • francoise91

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