Mimbo 2.2 is Available for Download

The new version is out — meanwhile read about what’s new:

  • The path to files and images now uses the template_url parameter instead of a hard-coded link. This should make upgrades easier.
  • Contextual sidebars: on single-post pages, the sidebar now contains a “More from this category” module.
  • ‘News’ headlines have been removed from single-post pages to make room for the module described above.
  • On the homepage sidebar, I’ve linked the word “News” to its archive.
  • On a recommendation from this forum thread, the author photo now checks for a username.
  • Tags and formatting have been added to single-post pages.
  • The <title tag> on all pages checks for current category instead of saying “Blog Archive»”

Mimbo is a strange beast in that it’s made to be customized, but cannot necessarily be “upgraded” in the traditional sense. For folks who have greatly customized their site and don’t want to overwrite it with v2.2, I would suggest downloading this recent version and copy-pasting in whatever bits of code you need — I have done my best to write concise comments for these recent changes. Let me know if you can’t find anything.