• Joakim

    Attitude Magazine: Where did you get the Features “plugin”?

  • http://www.cycling-challenge.com will

    Some great stuff.

    It’s become a good little community. the forums have also helped and inspired as well.

  • http://www.hoodgrownonline.com Hoodgrown_Magazine

    Seems like I might be “borrowing” a few ideas from Attitude Magazine. Lol

  • http://www.geckonewmedia.com Dan

    I _have a feeling_ that the new “features module” that was shown above is a customised jCarousel, simply modifying one of the homepage news lists into a list accepted by the jCarousel script. A little bit of css would get the post title and excerpt added over the top of a div with opacity. This is pretty easy due to the clean code and helpful comments in the Mimbo theme.

    Congrats to Darren on an excellent wordpress ‘theme’. It’s a pleasure to work with and has opened up wordpress in a number of ways as a viable cms.

    I’m sure that this particular implementation will be back soon!

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  • http://felione.com felione

    hey Darren, your theme rocks.
    even JackBook.Com use your theme.


  • Hning

    Darren, can you suggest me a guidance to place a tabber in the sidebar just like what “Sake Journal” did?

    Anw, nice mag theme for wordpress :) Thanks before.

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  • http://www.optimiseweb.co.uk/ Optimise Web

    The dublin city website looks cool in the thumbnail! Nice fresh colours. Sadly, the actual site is full of missing images :(

  • isatumaa

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