Preliminary Sketches of Mimbo Pro

At the beginning of this month, I mentioned I’d be developing a paid version of the Mimbo theme while continuing to evolve the free version. My original deadline was the end of this year, but I have been entertaining family and planning for a vacation these last two weeks.

Despite that, late at night I’ve been making preliminary sketches. I have several in the works, with different colors and layouts, but this one is the most complete so I thought I’d offer a preview (click for full version):

Mimbo Pro

Unlike the free version, the emphasis here is on design polish, quantity of content and some AJAX tricks. Feel free to give feedback, but know that the final design will not attempt to include every single feature out there. I’m trying to straddle the difficult line between blog and magazine, knowing that no two users will use Mimbo Pro for the same two purposes.

I also saw today that HackWordpress featured a gallery of premium themes so let’s hope that spurs me on to finish Mimbo Pro next month. There is also good news regarding the sale of Mimbo Pro and some cool control panel options, but that will have to wait til I’m back from vacation. Stay tuned.

(BTW, I was a little hesitant to post any design previews, but since Mimbo has become a community-driven project, I thought I’d keep everyone in the loop and get some feedback)