Preliminary Sketches of Mimbo Pro

At the beginning of this month, I mentioned I’d be developing a paid version of the Mimbo theme while continuing to evolve the free version. My original deadline was the end of this year, but I have been entertaining family and planning for a vacation these last two weeks.

Despite that, late at night I’ve been making preliminary sketches. I have several in the works, with different colors and layouts, but this one is the most complete so I thought I’d offer a preview (click for full version):

Mimbo Pro

Unlike the free version, the emphasis here is on design polish, quantity of content and some AJAX tricks. Feel free to give feedback, but know that the final design will not attempt to include every single feature out there. I’m trying to straddle the difficult line between blog and magazine, knowing that no two users will use Mimbo Pro for the same two purposes.

I also saw today that HackWordpress featured a gallery of premium themes so let’s hope that spurs me on to finish Mimbo Pro next month. There is also good news regarding the sale of Mimbo Pro and some cool control panel options, but that will have to wait til I’m back from vacation. Stay tuned.

(BTW, I was a little hesitant to post any design previews, but since Mimbo has become a community-driven project, I thought I’d keep everyone in the loop and get some feedback)

  • Hafiz

    That articles slideshow area is definitely a unique feature I’ve never seen in any other themes. It would drive a new trend on the WordPress theme community, I’m sure!

    I wonder what the “+” button at the top right corner of each category section does?

    Anyway, best of luck. It does look very promising :)

  • Kyle Eslick


    Thanks for mentioning my post today. Once it is completed and released, I will get it added to the gallery!


  • Adrian

    Sweet! Looks gook Darren!

  • Darren

    Hafiz: the ‘plus’ icon is one of a few controls I want to add to the front-end so users can customize modules to their liking.

  • will

    Looks very interesting. Good luck.

  • Nitin

    Simply unique and awesome. I’m waiting for you to finish.

  • Ralph

    Darren, from what I see from the concept layout, Mimbo Pro is indeed spot on for what I need. It is an “ultra clean” design with navigation simplicity.

    I have a hypothetical question: “Is it possible to have a wsiwyg drag-n-drop layout function in the foreseeable future in WordPress?” I have seen one theme that is trying to do this based on user selection, but the theme is too boxy and dry. No real format.

    It would be nice to drag-n-drop posts, photos, videos, and other elements to speed up the design process for the user.

  • cubus

    - I really like the fresh look of the upper part.
    - The colors used in the section headings of “sports” , “travel” could be a bit more compatible with the upper part.
    - I think you still can reduce the outer margins of the sidebar and ads.
    - How customizable is the final design going to be (for a non CSS / photoshop wizard) ?
    - Is it possible to ‘update’ from the free version of Mimbo to the Premium version?

    Voila, some personal feedback. But I think this theme looks very appealing and well organized.

    Any idea on the prizing?

  • Hafiz

    Ralph: were you talking about the Canvas ( ? Or is there any other theme with drag-n-drop layout functionality?

  • Sander

    Great design! I really like the way your create your themes. Currently using the free version. When the pro is ready count me in for a sale.

    Happy holidays.

  • Hoodgrown_Magazine

    Man.. all I can say is WOW. That’s one of the best looking Premium Themes that I’ve ever seen. I’d definitely like to see it in action.

  • patrick

    Wow…… exactly my futur theme

  • Roscoe

    Looks good, great functionality. Would you be providing .psds with the theme? How would licence and updates be dealt with?

  • Hoodgrown_Magazine

    Also… I’d like to know if auto-thumbnailing would be included so we wouldn’t have to upload seperate images for the main page and the story…

  • Design Bliss

    Definitely interested in seeing what this has to offer and the price point so I can make a final decision as to whether to use this or the free version. Can’t wait!

  • Billy Badson

    Everyone is trying to get additional features I just want to know when it will be available for purchase, lol.

    Awesome theme and really great work

  • Spets

    Hey. You develop and you CAN DESIGN!!! ITS NOT FAIR!

    Cant wait for it to be out. Looks like its going to be an outstanding theme. :)

  • Hoodgrown_Magazine

    “Hey. You develop and you CAN DESIGN!!! ITS NOT FAIR!”

    Yea.. it’s very rare to find someone who can do both WELL. That whole left brain/right brain thing..

  • Cynthia

    Count me in. I love this new version and I realize now that I went from blog too far to magazine and I really need something in between. Get it finished!

  • Web!Centric

    Thumbs up Darren, looks awesome. I wonder if I can modify it to suit my design i did a while back for an Aid Organisation (please dont rip off the design .. public) then client changed to this

    What are you looking at charging for the premium theme?

    Keep up the great work..

    marek @ webcentric

  • svil

    I am definitely buying it.

    I was wondering if you could use the same sliding feature for the categories ( I have a lot of categories and it will not look good to have 5 lines with categories – a button “next categories’ will do ) as you do it for the articles ( it will be perfect if all the articles could be previewed by sliding )

  • Kate Mag

    Wow, can’t wait to see Mimbo Pro. Looks cool if you add video capability

  • Acacia

    That’s what I call “premium”. Love the “puffs” below the main feature. The footer might be the only thing that seems slightly out of place for me but otherwise very well done. I’ll definitely be a potential buyer of the theme :)

  • Etham

    I would not hesitate to purchase this what-so-ever. Looking good, Darren! I’m excited for the outcome.

  • Jonathan

    This is a hot design! I used your free version and love it. Do you have a price tag on this yet?

  • bogusmerlin

    My recommendation would be to fit it around 468px and 300px wide columns and have spaces for 468×60 and 300×250 adverts. That’s what I look for in commercial templates.

  • Wistar

    Darren returns today from his vacation in South Africa and I’m sure he will be eager to get Mimbo Pro up and running. I might hog him for a little while before I let him return to his computer though.

  • Small Potato

    good stuff darren, you have at least one small potato waiting to see the finished product

  • Ralph

    Hafiz, that was not the theme I was referring to. I will check out that link later today. It was another them I saw with a white and green theme. Very boxy indeed. This one you posted appears more sophisticated. I will check it out.

  • Bostjan Gorensek

    Love it!!! :)

    Cant wait till its finished – and to buy it! Please add my email into your database, and inform me, when It`s finished!

    Thank you,

    Cheers from Slovenia!

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  • Conrad

    I’ve been looking around for a magazine theme for a while now, and this looks by far as the sweetest one. Hope you can make it work as the image is promising.

  • Moses Francis

    Sweet piece of work!, finally some colors for a ‘premium theme’ instead of the usual mostly ‘white’ color.

  • Paul

    A featured video part would make it more complete

  • Fubiz

    An amazing template.

  • eric

    I like it alot, you can probably put me down for one maybe two. i am using mimbo in a couple projects right now. i will let you know when we go public with one of them.

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  • milo

    If you use the Kubrick header section, you might know that the default WordPress theme (Kubrick) is vulnerable due to its header code:
    Affected Script: /themes.php?page=functions.php
    “Header Image and Color� section of the Default Theme.

  • teknozat

    Really nice! how muvh will you charge for it?

  • Jaypee

    Looks good Darren! Can’t wait to see the final product. :)

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  • Michael

    Will the paid version work with WPMU?

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  • Creditos

    This is a good theme for wordpress, very nice.

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  • Malcolm

    Do you have a new target date for this? It looks great, and I need to buy it. Now.

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  • Rich

    I love this theme and I have been looking for a new design. I think it is worth the premium cost for the PRO version. Where can I get the info on how to get it?

  • Orobi

    I’m very interted and I will pay for that!
    Let me know when we can get some more news…
    see u

  • Chris

    Nice work!

  • LesNoticias

    I am Spanish, I ´m sorry for my bad English.
    It is the most beautiful thing I have seen, and see that I have taken hours. I am very INTEREST on this issue mimbo pro. SL PRECIOSO. As I get? You can tell when it will be available for esperarme or not?

    Thank you

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  • Sara


    This is very exciting. We look forward to seeing what you have created!

    Hope to see you soon.




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  • R Scott Jones

    Waiting impatiently ;-)

    Really looking forward to seeing it, hope you can get it out soon.

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  • Keith Wozniak

    I’ve been looking at different themes for a new version of my site later in the year and so far this has been the best, it can’t come soon enough from the looks of it.

  • Bhavesh

    Please let me know when this theme is available. How much would it cost?

  • marshall

    Damn Hoyter, this looks sweet. nice work.

  • will

    Hi Darren,

    Just to give you a heads up – I’ve tried to buy your pro version of this theme 2 times now via Plimus (your payment gateway) with 2 different cards. In all the time I’ve been on the web, I’ve never had so much trouble giving someone money for something.

    Both transactions were cancelled due to ‘verification problems’. Their authorization process is absolutely ridiculous, and must be losing you a whole load of money with people just giving up through frustration & being treated like criminals.

    Honestly – take my word for it. I do a lot of transactions every day via the web, and have never seen anything like it.

    Just though you should know


  • ege

    it s great theme.

  • özel güvenlik

    cool.. thank you thema

  • Sourena

    What happenned to this project? Are you going to release it?