Mimbo News & Customizations, Part III


This week, the total downloads for Mimbo surpassed 13,000! If I didn’t work for the company that hosts darrenhoyt.com, I’m sure I would have already received an unaffordable bill as bandwidth usage has exceeded 15GB/month. I’m also amused to see how all the Mimbo backlinks have skewed my Technorati rankings.

Support & Availability

Please understand that I’m still not available for HTML/CSS questions via email, or for technical questions not pertinent to the Mimbo theme. If you need help, there is still an active forum with sticky threads for common problems. Hope this doesn’t seem like a blow-off to anyone, I’d just rather be honest about my availability now rather than anyone think I’m ignoring their emails.

Mimbo Pro News

On that note, I should say again that deadlines and price are still undetermined for Mimbo Pro. I’ll be finishing mockups and converting to HTML/CSS within the next two weeks, after which I’ll collaborate with another developer on control panel and e-commerce options, then we’re off to market.

Mimbo as a Functional Wireframe

Next week, our company will meet with a large client who expects to see a working example of a CMS-driven site. Feature-wise we’ll need to demonstrate a calendar, file manager and podcast tool. WordPress (plus three plugins) was the obvious choice.

For the front-end my friend/co-worker Matt used Mimbo to lay out the sample homepage. This actually hadn’t occurred to me (duh), but it was cool to see Mimbo applied in this context: a functional wireframe with a clean, modular interface that could be installed and implemented quickly.

This could be very valuable in the future as clients are much more likely to sign a contract with someone who uses functional (rather than flat-image) wireframes. WordPress, you’ve done it again.

Recent Customizations










  • http://www.bloganje.com Bloganje

    Hello Darren!
    I just wanted to say that Mimbo is my favorite theme for wordpress. I use wordpress as CMS for websites that have nothing to do with blogging and your theme helped me alot. And I can’t wait for Mimbo Pro. Keep up the good work!

  • http://www.teknozat.com teknozat

    Really nice!

  • http://www.padronagem.com Carlos Martins

    Hello from Brazil …

    I am with this problem … You could help me?


    Tks Brother

  • http://www.padronagem.com Carlos Martins

    Tks !

    I found the answer in the forum. !!!

    I changed on line 26 :
    echo get_category_link($category)


    echo get_category_link($category->term_id)

  • http://www.padronagem.com Carlos Martins

    at file sidebar.php

  • Darren

    Thanks Carlos. It can ordinarily be fixed by changing permalink options, but I’ve gone ahead and changed the $category line in the Mimbo2.2 zip also.

  • http://tymez.com Firedward

    I have to say this is one heck of a good theme. I love the design and your installation tutorial is so easy even me a beginner in PHP can understand and use it. Thanks for such a great FREE theme. I’d be willing to buy the paid version any day.

  • http://www.builtfromskratch.com Built From Skratch

    Thanks for featuring our site. I love the theme! Can’t wait for Pro.

  • http://hingslog.org hning

    Darren, when Mimbo Pro will be released? Cant hardly wait with the awesome ones… :) Anw, may i use your picture from one of your post as my blog logo? Thanks.

  • http://muslimmatters.org ibnabeeomar

    darren – the mimbo pro theme is SLICK. our website is currently a blog that we are looking to transition to a magazine format, and cannot wait to see the working demo on this theme, it looks absolutely amazing.

  • http://www.majarikanayakan.com majari

    thanx darren for featuring our website.

    actually, your mimbo theme is not only a theme for us. actually the theme taught us more about WordPress, PHP, templates, category tags, conditional tags, category ID, post ID, custom fields, everything.

    we actually discovered the other side of wordpress that we never knew before. even the webmaster is now be able to create his own magazine-styled wordpress theme.. from scratch.

    thanks for the inspiration, darren!

  • http://www.f1racing.dk Reinar Svendsen

    Here’s another cuStomiSed theme based on mimbo. A bit more traditional, howver shped for its purposed…


  • http://www.fubargenre.com Yan

    Hi, Darren! I’ve been a long-time lurker here, but I’ve been too intimidated to leave a comment. I still can’t get over the shock of seeing your comment in my blog. Thanks, thanks! *blush*

  • Darren

    Definitely no need to be intimidated, Yan ;) The more feedback/discussion, the better. Nice work on those customizations.

  • http://www.infoesfera.com Jhon

    hello We also have implemented MIMBO!

  • http://portalateu.com Helder Sanches

    Hi Darren,

    Here´s another costumization. Thanks for a great theme.

  • ernie

    Darren, Great job with the Mimbo theme. I’m tweaking it for several musicians’ blogs. Thanks again!…

    BTW, it’s interesting how the Majari website basically cloned (stole?) the layout structure of the NY Times… ;-(

  • http://www.volkansoyyigit.com Volkan

    very nice. thanks

  • http://www.elaziglee.com Åžahin

    Thanks for post.Nice web site.

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