'Exutoire' Blog Offers Video Tutorials for Mimbo

A French blogger named Yves has created eight (!) video tutorials which demonstrate basic configuration, adding images, CSS styling, tabs, and overall homepage setup for the Mimbo theme (English translation here).

I’m flattered and amazed anyone would take time to do this for a WordPress theme that is not even their own. Yves’ guided tour through the front and back end of Mimbo/WP accomplishes more than I ever could with the original text tutorials. Cheers to France which has (aside from Italy and the US) the largest number of Mimbo downloads to date.

  • http://webbizpowertools.com Hilmy


    Just wish if someone could do it in English.
    Too bad, texts can be translated but what about the voice? hehehe
    Anyway I could pick up a tips or two somehow – it’s worth my while.

  • http://byblog.free.fr Yves

    Hi Darren
    Well, it was a pleasure for me to try, with these video tutorials, to help all the people who wants tu use the excellent Mimbo theme. Thank you to give the opportuny to use this beautiful theme!
    I’m very proud to see your sympathics words in this post…thank you very much…

    Sorry Hilmy for the French voice (perhaps a way to learn french and discover France…I know, it’s difficult to learn French).
    If tou want, I will try to take time to do the video tutorials in English…Anyway, if my english spoken is not very good, I will add an english translation in subtitle !!!

    Thank you for all Darren!!!

    Merci beaucoup les amis et bonjour de la France !

  • marmot

    I’m also planning to use your theme for my blog. Well it’s already activated.

    I just need to get out of my lazyness to translate it again to French (yeah I’m French too !). I did it for the v2.1 and, I don’t know why, I deleted everything when the v2.2 was released. I could have used a tool to see what changed between the 2 versions and update my translation…

    I might also give a try to the Niss translation. I should also figure out how to configure properly sIFR on your theme.

    Anyway, thanks for your awesome theme ! Looking forward to your pro version :)

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  • http://www.squidoo.com/rocket-french-software-review Rocket French Review

    the theme looks pretty nice.. hope i can understand the video without the audio part..

  • http://www.squidoo.com/my-rocket-french-reviews Rocket French Review

    Wow, that is very kind of them to come up with all those videos, looks very useful indeed, thanks!