Mimbo Pro Magazine Theme Released


Mimbo Pro is a powerful and feature-rich theme for WordPress, developed by Darren Hoyt and Ben Gillbanks and released through Ben’s Pro Theme Design marketplace.

Already familiar with the original Mimbo? Imagine no more manual template editing, no more Photoshop, no more image-cropping or FTP’ing. See more features below or check out the video tutorials in the “Getting Started” section. Enjoy using WordPress like a CMS, now more than ever.

Full Feature List
  • Control panel options for Google Analytics and Feedburner, logo and header image management, homepage categories, optional color schemes, and advertisement management
  • Custom templates for categories, archives, authors, sitemap, search results
  • Auto-resizing for images
  • Built-in contact form
  • HTML controls for comments (bold, italics, blockquote, link)
  • Print-friendly options on single-post pages
  • Two widgetized sidebars with optional advertising
  • Tabbed and separated comments/trackbacks
  • Built-in gravatars and author highlighting
  • Cookie crumbs on single-post pages
  • Print.css stylesheet
  • Optional microformats in the footer

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  • icy1

    Nice…Is there anywhere we can see the different color themes?

  • silentkiller

    Finally.! Been waiting for this.. :)

  • Darren

    @Icy: the product page contains screenshots of the different colors.

  • http://www.fishtanktutor.com Eric

    Great theme! Do you have the right to remove the footer credits with the $79.99 single site option?

  • icy1

    Thanks Darren , I saw that but the green with the blue navigation and background threw me off a little as I thought it would more color coordinated. BTW I’m not complaining as I am looking for the red theme to use

  • http://www.bloganje.com SpinX

    Can I buy single site license and then use it on one site or must I specify domain in the process of buying ? Because I would buy this just out of curiosity and then if I will like it I would use it for real.

  • Eric Schwartz

    Darren: Nice job on the new theme!

    I had a question though. Does this theme have support for embedding videos within posts or another area?

  • Darren

    Do you have the right to remove the footer credits with the $79.99 single site option?

    We ask that footer credits stay in the single-license version, but can be omitted in the developer’s license.

    Can I buy single site license and then use it on one site or must I specify domain in the process of buying ?

    You don’t need to specify a domain, but you should decide ahead of time whether or not you think you’ll use it on just one site vs. multiple sites.

    @Eric: you can see sample video embed here.

  • http://ptahdunbar.com Ptah Dunbar

    Awesome theme, but having a little trouble actually buying it. How long does it take to process reviews? Been waiting 3 hours now, still nothing.

  • Darren


    Plimus’ standard email response says: “Your order is currently being reviewed by our staff for quality purposes, this process is usually completed within a few minutes, however, please allow up to 12 hours to hear back from us.”

    Ben is currently handling the commerce side of things (he’s based in the UK and will be up and about within a couple hours) and will check into this to make sure transactions are working smoothly. Anyone noticing processing issues like that is free to contact Ben or me via email.

  • http://www.binarymoon.co.uk/ Ben

    Ptah – thanks, you’re our first customer :)

    Plimus are quite strict on sales (to prevent fraud) and double check everything to make sure it’s legitimate. According to the sales control panel you have made the purchase so we should be good now but let us know if it hasn’t come through and I’ll take a look.

    Thanks for your support!

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  • macs

    Hi there,
    is a german version or language file available?
    Great work, thumbs up!

  • Marc


    I just wired the amount of money to the bankaccount. It will take probably 5 days. I’m really looking forward. I guess I’m the first in The Netherlands that will buy this template.

  • Robin

    because I allready spend hours and hours customizing mimbo I was having some doubts about ordering the theme because I had to start all over again, it took me about 5 minutes to think it over :)

    I ordered 20 minutes ago and got the template now, I paid with visa and strangly I got a phonecall from Plimus who handles the payments and they wanted to know which bank I had. At first i was not inclined to tell them anything because they did not even introduce themselves properly. They just said something about the mimbo pro purchase and then asked for bankdetails. I think anyone would be suspicious.

    Anyway, just telling the name from my bank was not that a big deal and right after that I received a confirmation over mail. Woohoo, the fun starts now :D

  • http://www.tvoftheabsurd.com Cynthia

    If I buy a single license so I can learn to work with it then decide to use it on other blogs can I pay the difference to get the multi-license?

  • http://itekipa.com ~zeus~

    is there a paypal option?

    b.t.w. good job, buying it in a week or so..

  • macs

    Cynthia, good question. Think Darren is till sleeping ;-)

  • macs

    meant still sleeping…

  • http://itekipa.com ~zeus~

    “..but you should decide ahead of time whether or not you think you’ll use it on just one site vs. multiple sites”

    you got the answer to that question :P

  • http://cashplusinvestment.com Shonari

    Yay finally….i was all for a single use but it is so customizable i leaned towards the multi-use but the price difference is so big im back at square 1

  • http://cashplusinvestment.com Shonari

    hey darren have you thought about integrating a forum and theme into the mimbo pro?…that way we do justice to your work ;)

    Here is a nice one here:

  • Darren

    @Cynthia: shoot me an email about that. We can always find a compromise, like you mentioned.

    @Zeus: there’s a PayPal option.

    @all: As Ben mentioned, Plimus is very meticulous about anyone being defrauded, so they go the extra step to review order details. Thanks for your patience, a trait I rarely demonstrate well myself ;)

  • macs

    Hi Darren,
    what about a german version or language files?

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  • http://hackwordpress.com Kyle Esilck


    The theme looks gorgeous! *drools*

    I’m sure it will fly off the shelves!

  • http://www.cycling-challenge.com will

    Looks great and very professional


    (is there a FAQ on upgrading from the free Mimbo)


  • http://womanwithkids.com/ Jenni

    Darren, a thing of beauty! You’ve created a thing of beauty!!!

    Like the question before, can I pay the difference if I buy for a single use and then decide I’d like to use on other blogs? I have quite a few blogs, but I’m not great technically, so I want to see if I can actually customise it before I shell out?

    Congratualtions! x

  • http://www.nmimsieee.com Aditya


    My heartiest congratulations to you for releasing Mimbo Pro. It looks very, very good if you ask me, and this has to be one of the best paid WP themes anyone has come across. I would love to give this a spin once I have enough funds to buy it (I’m studying right now, unfortunately..)

    Congratulations once again.

  • James R

    Amazing Darren. Is there a way of carrying over the style sheets from those that customised the first mimbo to the pro version?!

  • http://adaequat.org Karl

    very thourough work, Darren, thank you!

    Ordered+Payed via Paypal, Receipt received within seconds,
    now anxiousely waiting for the download link / license key…

    As I will also use it on my personal blog first, but maybe on other sites later, I support the idea of an “Upgrade” purchase option. For the price difference between single/mutliple one could (should) be able to extend the single license later on.

    no sleep for the next 2 days/nights..—)))

  • http://germworks.net/blog Jermayn Parker

    Only had a limited look at it as my works computer blocks going into the content pages but from all reports and looks (just based on home page) I love it…

    However I am a little disapointed with the pages links. As i see it is aimed at CMS creators yet the page links are given hardly any attention of importance were the categories are given more.

    Lets say that we do use it for a CMS, is there anyway of moving the page links to the category section without editing the code? I know its not much of a hassle for coders like us but what if your not?

    Also this is more personal opinion but i do not really like 3 columns as it tends to waste space.

    Please do not let my negatives disappoint you as it is awesome and I really really like the extra goodies. I just know that you would like to know peoples honest opinions rather than just praise all the time…

  • http://designadaptations.com Charity

    Nicely done Darren! Sounds like an impressive list of features in terms of functionality, and as for the design I’m digging the blue! Best of luck with it. :)

  • silentkiller

    Is there an option to have different kind of homepage layout ?

  • http://funk13.com Funked

    Theme looks great. I’m definitely considering purchasing. :)

  • Bill

    Have the issues with Plimus been sorted yet? Call me picky, but I’m just waiting until there’s just a straightforward payment and receive files within minutes, rather than a delay and a received phone call to give other details over the phone, before I purchase. I understand that Plimus only screen the first few purchases, so I was just wondering if it’s a more straightforward purchase now?

    Theme looks great Darren, can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  • http://www.adaequat.org Karl


    purchase was very straightforward and fast for me. Paying via PayPal account, I received the receipt within seconds, and the download link within minutes.
    I think there are no “issues” with primus, they only care about security and might check back personally, I think this is a bonus and not an “issue”.

  • Darren

    Bill: far as I know, all the scrutinizing was just the first handful of orders, and since then I haven’t heard a peep so it sounds like all’s well.

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  • http://www.letsgoamerks.com Keith Wozniak

    It’s definately a unique design, will probably be purchasing on pay day!

  • icy1

    Hi Darren just a couple more questions…Now that 2.5 and more updates will be released I’m assuming Mimbo Pro will be updated periodically.

    If so how will these updates be obtainable to customers that have previously purchased?

  • Darren

    “Major” upgrades down the line will be optional and available for a small fee to folks who’ve already purchased. Minor enhancements and fixes will always be free and available through a password-protected area with an RSS feed so users can track the changes.

  • icy1

    Thanks for your quick response…How will we obtain our passwords for the special area. (yes I know I am an over worrier)

  • Darren

    When you purchase the theme, you’re added to a mailing list to assist with upgrade info ;)

  • icy1

    Thanks Darren…Just purchased yippee. Thanks for your patience with my questions, Michele (aka icy1)

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  • http://intertextual.com.ar Cristian

    Well…. is much nice than the Magazine themes!! Amazing… really! I am go to write about Mimbo Pro in my blog.

    Tanks for this work.

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  • Joni Mueller

    I think the biggest impediment to sales of Mimbo Pro is Plimus. I mean, I’m using PayPal to pay for the darn thing. So what’s the problem. I stayed up three hours waiting for the phone call that never came, called them myself, then went ahead and requested a refund. UGH! When you guys drop Plimus like a dirty shirt, I’ll be all over the developer’s version. Until then, I guess I’m just out of luck, huh?

  • Joni Mueller

    Nope, Bill, there are still issues, even using PayPal, as of this morning. I got frustrated and gave up after nearly four hours of waiting and just requested a refund and I haven’t seen that yet either. I buy a lot of things online. Downloadable things. NEVER have I had so many problems making a purchase. So $200 has been out of commission for the past five hours. Never again will I buy anything if I have to go thru Plimus. Not even tickets to heaven itself. :-(

  • Joni Mueller

    It’s almost creepy but as soon as I came here and bellyached, I got the download link. So .. I canceled the refund request. Now, I’m off to play.

  • http://www.bestwpthemes.com Matt

    I just wanted to let you know that I’ve added the Mimbo Pro theme to the list at http://www.bestwpthemes.com. It’s a fantastic addition to the world of premium themes and I love the history of the theme, in that it basically started out as a mock-up for a tutorial.

  • http://www.geekywood.com Uzair

    It would have been great if you had only one sidebar on Mimbo Pro.

  • Darren

    @matt: thanks for the mention!

    @uzair: keep in mind, both sidebars are widgetized, and if you want to omit the right sidebar altogether, there is documentation for how to do it.

  • Artem

    Hello Darren!
    My question is: will the theme translated into Russian? I really like it and I want to buy it! Excuse me translate google)))

  • Darren

    @artem: if I can find a Russian translator, we will release it. Upcoming are French, Spanish and Norwegian translation documents.

  • frozen

    sure I purchased too, but was presented with a faulty link. I have been waiting for the 3 hours for a response but it seems that nothing is coming up.

    The link gave me a 404 page, and moments later, I was presented with a new page saying that my download link has been attempted for too many times.

    I have half the mind to request for a refund!

  • Jeff

    Very, very cool theme. I wanted to know if you have special pricing for nonprofit organizations. I’d like to get the multi-license — we need to be able to use it on multiple sites, customize sections, and get the psd files — but it’s a bit pricey for us. Anything you can do? Thanks.

  • Darren

    @Jeff: we do have special rates for non-profits. Drop me an email with your details.

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  • http://www.tsinlan.com Tsinlan

    This theme seems so cute ! Good

  • http://sfantasy.de Timmy

    you can make very nice sites. look at http://momworx.de a german site. a new and fantastic way to use mimbo pro

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  • http://airsoft-gun-review.info airsoft gun review

    very nice and clean theme, I need to save some money to use this to my site.
    btw if i buy this does the footer credits be removed ?

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  • http://www.seyretvideo.net seyret

    Thank you this is good theme.

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  • http://www.le-hiboo.com Rod

    it would be great to have thumbs of Youtube Videos, or Jeroen Player with an URL pic inside … in this case, I’ll buy it ! :) Your theme is awesome.

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  • http://megaform.net Tomas

    Is it possible to move side menu to the right side? And is it compatible with WP 2.6.1? Thanks.

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  • http://uscommonsense.net/blog U.S. Common Sense

    Wow Darren, I’m impressed! You really too Mimbo to the next level with this design. I would even say it is better than the Revolution Themes out there. Bravo!

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  • http://www.apc001.com 恶猫的博客


  • http://hubpages.com/hub/Fish-Tank-Supplies fish

    This is perfect for me and is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

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  • ed

    hi. how much is the mimbo pro? i can’t see where the price is.


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  • eli

    This is one of the very WordPress magazine style themes available today. I really like this theme. The only reason that I have not already purchased this theme is because I have not seen an example of Video support in the demo examples.

    I did notice an earlier post asking about video support and your response was to view it in the live mimbo pro demo, but it does not display for me in firefox or IE7….hmmm

    Does this theme support a Video category? Can I display video in Videobox or Ceebox? If not theme supported, is it an easily added custom feature with plugin etc…?


  • http://premiumthemesdirectory.com Premium Themes Directory

    want to make money, :) jion the affiliate progam. But why not use the e-junkie. I think they are Pop.

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  • http://www.killerbeeprinting.com Brett Anderson

    Are you able to adjust the sidebars with this theme? I’m getting ready to build a new site for my magazine. Just wondering how customizable this theme is.

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