Seeking Freelance Designers to Customize the Mimbo Family

Since the free version of Mimbo launched back in August, I’ve been getting 3-4 queries a week from users willing to pay for small customizations. Now since Mimbo Pro has launched, I’m getting customization requests for both themes. Unfortunately with a full-time job and all free hours dedicated to Mimbo Pro, I have no time for any new side-work.

What I’d love is to establish a referral relationship with 1-2 theme designers interested in this kind of ongoing paid work. All the obvious skills would apply: strong CSS knowledge, PHP experience, design experience and intimate familiarity with the WP Codex. I’m not looking for any kind of compensation in exchange.

Please either respond in the comments section or send me an email with a porfolio link. I’m always looking to meet more people in the WP community and get familiar with their work and availability.

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