• http://www.ilfilosofo.com Austin

    Too bad. I was going to download this for April Fools’ day. :-)

  • Aditya

    April Fools!

  • http://jaypeeonline.net Jaypee

    Haha..that’s a good one. Happy April Fool’s Darren! :D

  • Amy

    Sweet !!! Congrats Darren !!! You got me ! :)

  • http://www.nadiahilo.org.il yehonatan

    actually i was going to download it, could be a great retro theme

    happy April 1st :-)

  • http://redsultana.com/ cellobella

    Hilarious. Love it!

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  • http://3oneseven.com/ milo

    Now that is a good one =)

  • http://siolon.com/ Chris

    Boy is my face red!

  • http://adrianherritt.com Adrian

    Whew! You had me worried for a minute there…Nice one!

  • http://www.haveyoumettony.com tony

    Does it make me sick that at one point, I thought about designing a theme/site with a 1995 look to it?

    Good stuff!

  • http://www.tommyday.com Tommy Day


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  • http://www.marialanger.com/ Maria

    Hey, I’ve seen plenty of sites that STILL use designs like that.

    Good joke, though.

  • http://php-princess.net Daynah

    Awww.. memories! Happy April Fool’s Day to you! :D

  • http://alafista.com alafista

    Haha happy April Fools Day

  • hoodlum



  • http://www.rhythmicdissonance.com/ Raj

    I would have clicked the link if hovering on the button didn’t display the whole message in the status bar :)

  • http://www.qwowi.com Tony

    April fools or not, it’s simply brilliant…I’d all but forgotten about the beauty that can only come from a marbled background.

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  • http://thesocalledme.net Jenny

    HAHAH Funny. But seriously that woulda been awesome to use. xD

  • http://www.ampota.com _LP


  • http://wordpressgarage.com Miriam

    So hilarious, and I just saw this now. I would have loved to have seen it live. Ah, the good ol’ days.

  • http://benjamincano.com Benji

    if you dont make it someone will or even ill interested email me! :)

  • http://urbanesse.com Michelle

    damn, here it is a week and a half after April Fools and I’m just catching on. Would be a brilliantly hilarious theme, though!!

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  • http://www.johnlacey.net John Lacey

    HILARIOUS!!!! lol

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  • Sophia

    LOL. Too funny! There is that god awful font – Comic Sans – too. It just never dies :D.

  • rio


  • http://drsingh.org.uk/dr dr singh

    very bad.i like ur work and websites.all the best

  • http://wirelessipcamera.weebly.com Big Chris

    Ha…that’s old theme was great back in the day. I hope that it makes a come back soon.