Agregado Lifestream Theme for WordPress Released

Agregado is a WordPress theme by Darren Hoyt and Matt Dawson, commissioned by the folks at Smashing Magazine. It features a built-in lifestream module and contact form with custom control panel options.

The motivation was to preserve the personal website, aggregate your data from sources around the web like Flickr, Delicious and Twitter, and publish it all in one convenient place in a consistent format. More details & documentation»

Live Demo

View it here»

Download the Theme

Agregado Theme (ZIP, 241KB)

Download the PSD

Agregado PSD (ZIP, 3.91MB)


  • WordPress 2.6+
  • Tested in: Firefox 3.0+, Safari 3.0+, IE7+
  • Host server with PHP5+ and cURL installed

Support and Discussion

If you are using Agregado for a project and have emergency questions, I strongly recommend using one of the Experts over at, a problem-solving community for WordPress.

WordPress Questions


  1. Lifestream module with carousel
  2. Animated dropdown menus
  3. Custom archives page
  4. Built-in contact form module with AJAX sent/fail message
  5. Built-in drop caps for paragraphs
  6. Numerical pagination on archive and search pages
  7. Author-highlighting for comments
  8. User profile module
  9. Widgetized bottom bar on homepage
  10. Widgetized sidebar on single post pages
  11. ‘More in this Category’ sidebar module
  12. Control panel options for lifestream and contact form

Getting things configured

  1. Go to Settings->Permalinks and ensure your URLs use names, so the “Archives” icon links correctly
  2. Go to Write->Page, and create a new page called Archives, selecting “archives” from the Template pulldown menu.
  3. Go to Design->Agregado Options and input your RSS information from services you want featured in your lifestream, such as Flickr, Delicious or Twitter.
  4. Go to Design->Agregado Options and input your email address and success message for the contact form
  5. Go to Users->Your Profile and fill out the First Name, Last Name and Biographical Info fields.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I installed Agregado – why isn’t WP finding my stylesheets and javascript? Why are subpage menus not working on certain pages?
    Check to make sure none of your plugins are colliding with any of the theme’s jQuery. Starting by turning them all off. If you find specific collisions, please email me.
  2. Why does the lifestream load slowly sometimes?
    Sometimes fetching certain feeds (ex: Twitter) takes a second longer. Also make sure permissions are set to 0777 on the /includes/ and /includes/cache/ folders, though this should happen automatically upon install.

    In the control panel options, you can also set the intervals feeds are retrieved (ex: 60 minutes).

    I would also recommend Donncha’s awesome WP Super Cache plugin to speed things up.

  3. Why doesn’t my link to the Archives page work?
    Make sure you have created a new Page called “Archives” and selected your custom template from the pulldown.
  4. How does the user profile pic work?
    If you haven’t already, visit Gravatar and sign up for an account using the same email address as your WordPress admin account.

Big Thanks…

…to Chris Coyier, Ben Gillbanks, Ian Stewart and Hafiz Rahman for beta testing.


Version 1.2 | Sep 10, 2008
Version 1.1 | Sep 9, 2008
• Version 1.0 | Sep 8, 2008