Mimbo 3.0 Released

The theme is new and improved, but the download page remains the same. Please have a look and go play around with the live Mimbo 3.0 demo. Obviously WordPress itself has gone through major changes since Aug ’07 so it was high time for a makeover, not to mention keeping up with all of version 2.7’s new features. I’ve also gotten a lot of feedback via the forums and have incorporated whatever suggestions I could.

Speaking of which, those forums are now defunct. For support (not necessarily my own) on all projects associated with this website, please visit the new forums. That includes Agregado, TimThumb and so on.

The New Approach

In the past, a new version of Mimbo meant you might have to overwrite the color/typography changes you’d already made. Or else, you’d have to hunt around in the stylesheet and compare edits.

Starting with Mimbo 3.0, I’d like the upgrade process to be much easier. Along those lines, for anyone doing major modifications I would recommend you build a child theme containing any styles and templates you wish to append. Please see the download page for more details and check out the sample child theme, “Vintage Green”.

Mimbo is also now fully localized, but I need help actually creating .po/.mo files for various languages. Please get in touch if you would like to contibute your translation skills.

Mimbo continues to be free and licensed under the GPL, but I am inserting a PayPal donation button on the download page for the first time. If you use Mimbo for building multiple sites, especially commercial sites, please consider dropping a few bucks in the hat.

Also, a big thanks to Ian Stewart and Justin Tadlock for beta-testing. In terms of WordPress wisdom, there aren’t two more knowledgeable guys around.

The New Features

  • No more custom fields. Most importantly, custom fields are no longer necessary to call thumbnails. Mimbo 3.0 includes a script that pulls images automatically from the post body, then resizes them with TimThumb.
  • Support for WordPress 2.7. This includes code for sticky posts, comment pagination, threaded comments, wp_logout_url, and the rest of the new features.
  • Sticky Posts. In the past, you had to create a “Lead Story” category. With the new version, that beige box contains whichever post you’ve marked as sticky, or whichever is most recent.
  • Standard Bloggy Behavior. What I learned about Mimbo 2.2 is that a lot of people missed having a regular old blog component on the homepage, ie, simple chronological display. So I tried to retain the popular magazine-style layout, while organizing the middle column more like a standard blog.
  • Featured Categories. Thanks to some great coding help from the talented Jean-Baptiste, Mimbo 3.0 has a custom control panel that sets featured categories with a configurable number of headlines
  • Localization/Translation. As I’ve realized, there’s really no excuse for not localizing your WP themes so they can be enjoyed by people all over the world. Feel free to contact me with translation help.
  • 125×125 Ad Support. Mimbo 3.0 comes pre-styled to work with the excellent WP125 plugin and its companion widget.
  • Better body id/classes. As I’ve written about, this can make your theme tremendously flexible, but now things are even flexible-er. Tip of the hat goes to Thematic, by way of Sandbox.
  • Multi-Level Dropdown Menus. People asked for them and now they’re here. They’re semi-transparent, too, if you use a decent browser.
  • Custom Sidebar Conditionals. If child pages exist, they will now appear in the sidebar when viewing a page section. And on single post pages, the sidebar will dynamically display a handy “Related Posts” box.
  • Better Custom Archives. Personally, I almost never browse by month or year. I prefer a full archived list with dated headers. Mimbo 3.0 comes with a custom template that displays posts organized by month, plus pagination.
  • Better Author Archives. Looking back, it’s not really necessary to have the author bio included at the bottom of every single post, as with v2.2. In the new version, author archives can be viewed only when the person’s name is clicked. Also, gravatars are now used for both author photos and comments. No more lame hacks.
  • Gallery, Inline Image & Caption Styling. There are now styles for all the various ways you’d insert an image in a post which became possible with version 2.5.
  • More Widget Freedom. In the past, I probably included too much custom code in the sidebar whereas most of it could be replicated/re-ordered with widgets anyway. So currently, the entire right-hand sidebar (minus the aforementioned Page submenu and “Related Posts” module) is widgetized and pre-styled for your pleasure.

Note: I have closed comments on the official download page and am directing support questions to the new forum….