A New Design and Game Plan

Officially I’ll be making the switch in about a month. There are some cool WordPress opportunities in the pipeline so far, as well as some iPhone app stuff and potential startup work up in Manhattan. With a freelance schedule, I’ll also finally have time to dedicate to designing new products for the ProTheme store. After doing strictly service-based client work for 10 years, I’m plenty excited to be making my own decisions and working at my own pace.

In terms of other collaborations, I’m keeping an ear out. I would love to hook up with developers working on web-based apps and services that need some interface design love. I’ve always liked how Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain markets himself for this role: “Creative Services for the Design-Challenged Developer”. Get in touch if you think we’d be a good match.

Meanwhile if you live in New York, I look forward to seeing you at some WordPress meetups soon enough.