WPTopics: A WordPress Content Filter

WPTavern had a discussion last week about the huge number of WP developer blogs that have sprung up. At a point, the quantity can overcome the quality and knowing where to look for the top articles and tutorials can be a chore, especially for someone just getting started with WordPress.

As an experiment, I decided to build WPTopics which aggregates from established blogs that are providing useful, influential content on a regular basis. The format is a lot like AllTop, but with a voting plugin that lets the community decide which sources they value most:


(Note: the feeds do cache, but the loading can be a bit slow while they’re being called. I’m still working to find the best way to optimize things)

Ultimately, I’d like to be picky about the feeds displayed and keep the number < 50, but there is also a suggestion form for sites I may have neglected. Obviously the content could be consumed by via RSS reader, but aggregating it publicly and fine-tuning it with voting has its advantages. Again, it's all kind of an experiment.

I'm going to add some more features and design touches in the next few weeks, but until then, I'd love some feedback on how the idea may or may not be useful, what it needs and what it doesn't.

Big thanks to Ben and Bill for helping get the caching and character encoding issues sorted out.