Introducing Mimbo Pro 3.0

It’s been almost 4 years since Mimbo Pro first hit the WordPress themes market. Since then we’ve made numerous enhancements to keep up with changes to the WordPress core, while maintaining the basic look and feel, and releasing additional child themes like the popular Dispatch.

In that time, web design standards have also changed. Instead of retiring the theme, we wanted to give it a makeover and help keep its popularity going—

Improvements include:

  • Responsive design for mobile devices
  • Web fonts via Font Squirrel
  • CSS3 enhancements for navigation, colors, gradients
  • Semantic HTML 5 markup
  • Inclusion of sub- and sub-sub categories in breadcrumb nav
  • Improvements to Custom WP Menus
  • “Related Posts” widget uses WP categories, instead of tags

Important to note: Mimbo 3.0 is a standalone product. Significant changes have been made to the core code so it should not be used to overwrite older versions of Mimbo Pro without some breakage. Existing Mimbo Pro users will have access to both versions in the accounts system.