Mimbo Pro Available from WordPress.com

Mimbo Pro was released way back in March of 2008 and I’m still proud to look back on it as one of the very first paid open-source themes and the first theme to use the TimThumb image-resize script.

Around the time Mimbo Pro got a major retooling (responsive design, HTML5 and CSS3 improvements, webfonts) this February, we also began working with the awesome theme team at WordPress.com to re-code a few things up to their standards. They made it really easy for us to track progress and communication, and the vetting process happening more quickly than we’d hoped. You can read their official release post here.

It’s exciting to now see it included in the “Shop->Premium Themes” section of WordPress.com blogs in a marketplace that is still relatively small:

Big, big thanks to Ian Stewart, Michelle Langston, Lance Willett and the rest of the WP theme team and Automatticians for making this happen.