Just a wedding picture - I don't actually dress like this

Summary of Skills

  • Design & Layout

  • CSS + HTML

  • CMS Integration

  • Strategy & IA

Since 1998, I’ve designed user-friendly interfaces for web projects of all size. Some designs have been featured on Mashable, Design Meltdown and Best Web Gallery. I’ve also published articles at places like SitePoint and Fadtastic, written tutorials on my own blog, collaborated on projects with Smashing Magazine, and released my own free and paid web products.

Some personal projects include Pro Theme Design, a digital marketplace specializing in WordPress themes and WPTopics, a WordPress news aggregator.

Apart from web design, I like traveling, playing soccer and supporting Liverpool FC, listening to The Best Show and supporting WFMU, and my oldest obsession, playing loud, irritating music.

…Good design is a lot like clear thinking, made visual. —Edward Tufte

A big part of my process is helping clients step away from their day-to-day operations, re-examine their business from a bird’s eye view and bring clarity to their message so the experience can be designed accordingly.