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Designing with Social Skills

Raise your hand if you never went to art school. For better or worse I jumped into interactive design without learning design fundamentals. Instead I worked backwards, self-educating intensely, even now.

Design Versatility

At the beginning of each new year, I do some navel-gazing about where I should be career-wise. I look over my portfolio and take note of things I could have done differently.

Notes on the Pro Theme Redesign

Last week, Ben and I launched the new version of Pro Theme Design. For me it was the first opportunity since going freelance to design a concept, logo, layout and content from the ground up, so I thought I’d make some notes on the process.

A New Design and Game Plan

This spring brought a few surprises which inspired the site redesign. The biggest was that my wife got into grad school in NYC so we’re currently scrambling to find an apartment and start new lives. It also means I’ll be taking the plunge and beginning a freelance design career.