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Creating Custom WordPress Widgets

With each new version of WordPress, the argument whether or not it qualifies as a CMS gets a little quieter. In the WordPress core we have widgets, custom fields, custom […]

Mimbo Pro 2.0 Released

As Ben Gillbanks already mentioned, last week we quietly released a major upgrade of the Mimbo Pro theme for WordPress. Older quirks were smoothed out, suggestions from the forum were implemented, as well as vital new features we both felt were necessary.

Effectively Advertising an RSS Feed

Google Reader’s popularity is surging and the number of people consuming web content via RSS readers has grown overall, but no one’s claiming RSS is a mainstream concept just yet. It’s mostly the geeks and early-adopters who know what it is and what to do with it, thus they don’t need to be sold on whether a blog offers an RSS feed…

Dreaming of the Portable Workspace

For ten years, I’ve wanted the ability to develop websites comfortably on any system. This means traveling to South America somewhere, sitting down at a public computer in a coffee shop and having all my bookmarks, RSS feeds, applications and development files available. I’m pretty picky about streamlining my workflow, so a truly portable workspace would be ideal.