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A WordPress Theme for Writers and Journalists

Traditional newspapers continue closing their doors as more journalists are striking out on their own to start blogs, news aggregators and hyperlocal community sites built on open-source platforms like WordPress.

A Site Redesign for Spring 2008

After taking a break these past few weeks, I decided to reboot the blog and point it in a new direction. Part of the motivation was a desire for something warmer, more spacious and more readable to accommodate longer bits of writing and tutorials. As for the shorter bits, I’m also posting links to Twitter. I still want this site to be a ‘final destination’ for readers rather than an index of outsourced content as Zeldman has noted.

TimThumb PHP Script Released

The custom image-resize script (TimThumb) created for Mimbo Pro is now available as an open-source project! It’s already being used by a handful of other theme designers and I look forward to seeing what other folks do with it…

Spirit of '98 WordPress Theme Released

Spirit of ’98 is a Wordpress theme that borrows the hottest design techniques from a decade ago and makes them even hotter. The /images/ folder comes packed with buttons, bullets and animations, while custom control panel options allow for additional beveling and border thickness.