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Creating Custom WordPress Widgets

With each new version of WordPress, the argument whether or not it qualifies as a CMS gets a little quieter. In the WordPress core we have widgets, custom fields, custom […]

Notes on the Pro Theme Redesign

Last week, Ben and I launched the new version of Pro Theme Design. For me it was the first opportunity since going freelance to design a concept, logo, layout and content from the ground up, so I thought I’d make some notes on the process.

WPTopics: A WordPress Content Filter

WPTavern had a discussion last week about the huge number of WP developer blogs that have sprung up. As an experiment I decided to build a WordPress content aggegator that would filter only the most useful stuff.

A WordPress Theme for Writers and Journalists

Traditional newspapers continue closing their doors as more journalists are striking out on their own to start blogs, news aggregators and hyperlocal community sites built on open-source platforms like WordPress.

Mimbo Pro 2.0 Released

As Ben Gillbanks already mentioned, last week we quietly released a major upgrade of the Mimbo Pro theme for WordPress. Older quirks were smoothed out, suggestions from the forum were implemented, as well as vital new features we both felt were necessary.

WordPress as a CMS: Making Your Content Unbreakable

It might surprise you how infrequently I build WordPress sites intended for actual blogging. More often, I’m building 15- or 20-page websites for businesses who need a bunch of static content displayed in a variety of ways. Some of this can be accomplished with plugins, but the rest must be inserted in the post-edit screen, making things messy for the client.